Hello! We're Gaming For Others!

We're a small group of avid gamers from Warwickshire in the United Kingdom that play awesome games for charity. Our goal is simple: We play games in a gruelling marathon until the donations run out... so the more you pay, the more we play!

In addition to donations, we're looking to you lot to really make us suffer (for a good cause!). Watch as our sanity unfolds LIVE while we are repeatedly flummoxed by the hard levels... then pick the controller back up and try again – we won't stop until we run out of donations!

Due to current events, our tenth event is more of a sprint than a marathon and will be starting at 4pm (BST) on Friday 15th April. All money raised will go to SpecialEffect










  • If you're already missing us post-marathon and are after more quality* GFO content you can come and join us on Disc… https://t.co/U6znSkuDnD - 19/04/2022
  • Another year done! Thank you so much to everyone who watched, donated, shouted words of encouragement, etc during o… https://t.co/fe0seH0VwI - 18/04/2022
  • RT @girlnerd84: @SpecialEffect in a moment of pivoting, @GamingForOthers are doing the infamous Lost Levels right now! Come watch f… https://t.co/ayCFcpq5BN - 18/04/2022
  • As well as Jackbox (from 4pm), this evening will see the return of the Big GFO Quiz! Grab a pen and some paper and… https://t.co/o7AAiZ28Zb - 18/04/2022
  • RT @SpecialEffect: The soundtrack to our Easter for so many years - the @GamingForOthers Just Dance session is in in full swing 💃🕺… https://t.co/XgyyFNtrtS - 17/04/2022
  • Come and join us for some board games! Starting off with Carcassonne, and I've heard there might be some Pandemic t… https://t.co/vJBZUt39vJ - 17/04/2022
  • 🚂 Here comes the hype train! Follow Josh's lead and get excited for our 3rd stream of this year's marathon from 4p… https://t.co/4vQIQyyFYf - 17/04/2022
  • You there! What day is this? Why it's Eggbeneezer Day! We're half way through our marathon (not a marathon) and o… https://t.co/sP6KHO9s0O - 17/04/2022
  • We're streaming for evening number 2! Kicking off with some @FallGuysGame then on to What the Golf and finally some… https://t.co/I8fwDaZGIl - 16/04/2022
  • Thanks for joining us this evening! I think we'll probably do it again tomorrow, so check back around 4pm and find… https://t.co/WwKlrjxaIc - 15/04/2022
  • So, after Last Day of June and a cheeky hour of West of Loathing, we're dancing for the first time in 2022! Come an… https://t.co/Ps0k2QW5GA - 15/04/2022
  • Happy Friday, folks! We're kicking off with Kate playing Last Day of June. Join us on Twitch for a Lovely Time™ fro… https://t.co/kDcZ5xE07Y - 15/04/2022
  • And yes, before you all rush to ask us: there will be Just Dance! #gamingfo #Easter2022 #EggbeneezerDay - 11/04/2022
  • It's that time of year again, folks! We will be streaming this weekend, 4pm - 9pm, Friday to Monday! Raising money… https://t.co/HFZpl0WH1t - 11/04/2022
  • It's Monday and we're in the pipe, five by five. Join us at 7pm on our Twitch channel for some more Aliens Fireteam! https://t.co/wjwd4wVA4f - 06/12/2021
  • It's Monday and we're going on another bug hunt! Join us at 7pm on our twitch channel for some more Aliens Fireteam… https://t.co/2VAdYOXWoH - 22/11/2021
  • Evening all! We're streaming some Aliens Fireteam Elite tonight at 7pm, if you'd like to join us on our Twitch whil… https://t.co/pUh5Hbceb7 - 15/11/2021
  • We're back with Just Dance 2021 this evening from 7pm! Come and spur us on in chat or dance along at home. https://t.co/QWT5K7ePms - 11/06/2021
  • Evening folks! It's Mondlunkey 2's Day! Join us for some Spelunky 2 at 7pm on our twitch channel: https://t.co/wjwd4wVA4f - 31/05/2021
  • It's Friday!! Which means we'll be streaming some Just Dance 2021 from 7pm tonight. This week we'll be doing some D… https://t.co/sXpTOquYrF - 28/05/2021

How it works

Step 1: You Donate

You can donate as much or as little as you'd like via our JustGiving page using the donate button above.

Step 2: We Play

We play the games in our chosen series for as long as the donations take us to. The more you donate, the longer we play!

Step 3: SpecialEffect profit

SpecialEffect continue to do the amazing work they do, helping the rehabilitation, self-esteem and quality of life of disabled young people

SpecialEffect is a charity dedicated to using cutting-edge technology to enhance the quality of life of people with disabilities. More specifically, the organisation helps young people with disabilities play and enjoy computer games. For these children, the majority of computer games are simply too quick or too difficult to play, and we can help them and their parents to find out which games they can play, and how to adapt those games that they can't.

But this isn’t just for the sake of fun. By giving disabled young people the means to participate, we’re kick-starting rehabilitation, inclusion, self-esteem and quality of life.

To learn more about SpecialEffect, please visit their website at specialeffect.org.uk


Choose a player


MASSIVE Mario fan. Nintendo veteran since ‘86, owns almost every Mario game, Generally definable by the hair, Dreams to one day meet Shigsy, or at least be in the same town.



Raised on a diet of Nintendo games and Spectrum classics, Ben remembers when games took real skill and determination (to get working).

He enjoys puzzle games, RPG's, platformers, board games and long walks in the park.


Able to complete whole Mario games using only his skill and judgement, Darren is a big fan of all things Nintendo.



LucasArts enthusiast. Technogeek. Manages to have the worst luck especially with technology and Mario Party.

Mostly productive, quite short.



Long hours of gaming and sleep deprivation are Pete's second home. He's a veteran of many LAN events and has had more than his fair share of pizza boxes piled on him. His tiny sombrero gives him the power of a human man. He also likes Mario.



GFO Monthly

One evening a month members from GFO get together and stream a game for a few hours on our twitch.tv channel.

This is our opportunity to tweak our set up, get feedback and try out new things so that we can make our annual Easter marathon better every year!

Come and join us via twitch chat at www.twitch.tv/gamingforothers

We are currently taking a break from monthlies to focus on our main marathon event

GFO Monthly (November 2014) - Hatoful Boyfriend



Starting life as a Super Mario only marathon, over the past 9 years we've gradually broadened our horizons for the kinds of games we play. In 2019, we continued this trend with a bundle of games old and new, of a variety of genres, from relaxing Saturday morning cartoon-esque point and click puzzles to fast paced turbo-difficult action games; we even threw in daily Just Dance mega-sets and raised a mammoth £2,214.85 for SpecialEffect in the process!

Once again, our supporters pulled through and kept us sane (well, 'less insane' maybe?) through chat, Twitter, Facebook, fan art and gifts (disco lights, anyone?)!

If you want to catch up on some of what you missed last year, or just want to reminisce about our sleep deprivation feel free to check out check out our YouTube and Vimeo channels. In the mean time, enjoy GFO's Pete vs SpecialEffect's Gav doing 'The Mario' to the right.

If you want to catch up on some of what you missed last year, or just want to reminisce about our sleep deprivation, check out our YouTube and Vimeo channels.

Fan Art 2018



Throughout the marathon we will be running competitions for viewers to enter. So far these have included a fan art competition, some video game trivia questions via Twitter and a Haiku Competition with viewers winning some fantastic prizes, including goodies from


Contact Us

If you would like to get in touch with us for any reason, please feel free to contact us in any of the following ways:

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